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HOWTO install... slackbuilds

Posted by notKlaatu , 04 March 2008 · 93 views

HOWTO install... slackbuilds I can't take credit for this instructional guide, but I can take credit for posting a question in the forums asking how to do it. Basically, I wanted to install packages in my Slackware system. Unlike the big popular distros, Slackware doesn't have a repository full of ready-made software packages for you to just RPM or apt-get. No, it must be done from source, more or less. Luckily there are people who build SlackBuilds.....scripts that make installing a bit easier. But not so easy that it didn't take me a month or two to figure out. Anyway, here's how it's done....

You are doing something wrong. 1. Download the slack.Build script for your program (someprogram) you want to install. untar the script: tar -xzvf someprogram.tar.gz You will now have a directory called someprogram in your build directory. Download the source for someprogram. Move the source inside the some program directory. cd into that directory. 2. Inside the someprogram directory there will be a build script called someprogram.SlackBuild. 3. Become root type su, enter root password 4. Type #chmod +x someprogram.SlackBuild 5. Execute the build script by #./someprogram.SlackBuild 6. Sit back and <Either I cannot spell or I am so unoriginal that I re-used a lame internet meme that has no value whatsoever to these forums and have been wordfiltered>ch as your slackware package is created. 7. cd /tmp 8. #installpkg somperogram-i486_SBo.tgz

That's it! It worked. I confirmed it. Good going, "hitest" at linuxquestions.org!! Next up.......installing straight from source code........maybe some time next year.....

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