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power of X

Posted by notKlaatu , 12 May 2009 · 212 views

I did this simple demo for a couple of people today, to demonstrate what X.org was, and how it was different from, say, OS X's Cocoa GUI blob.notUnix Philosophy:1. On a Mac, open 8 tabs in Firefox.2. Force Quit Firefox (so that it does not have a chance to offer to save your tabs)3. On your LinuxBox, ssh -X user@macbox into the Mac and start Firefox the only way you can with a Cocoa app:open -a Firefox.app...and that's about as far with that as you can go.Unix Philosophy (in which anything is possible):1. On a Mac, start X11 and open an x11 instance of Firefox (you will need to install this separately, easily done via MacPorts)2. open 8 tabs in firefox-x113. Quit X11 (thereby killing firefox-x11 without the chance to save your tabs)3. On your LinuxBox, ssh -X user@macbox into the Mac, and start firefox-x11......and notice a dialog box pops up on your screen, asking if you would like to resume the session. Click Restore to continue the browsing experience exactly as you'd left it. Notice how you, obviously, have access to all bookmarks and other features of firefox-x11.Now that's powerful computing.

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