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complaints about iTunes

Posted by notKlaatu , 01 February 2009 · 183 views

Just in case anyone ever wonders why iTunes is such a horrible app...I had to help a friend move his data from his Windows-formatted iPod to a new Mac he had gotten. Oh boy. So, why can't a Mac talk to a Windows iPod? and WIndows to a Mac-formatted iPod? You're telling me that in order to update the iPod you have to re-format it? Ridiculous.Second, it's a music management program and it has no function to find duplicate -- and I mean identical other than file name, but identical meta-data -- songs and albums?Third, it's on version 8 (actually 8.0.2 i think) and it has no way to look up song titles with CDDB on "tracks that were not converted using iTunes"? That's the error it gives if you've got tracks that you did not rip with iTunes and want to do basic things like look up song titles and get album art; it claims that it "cannot" do that on songs not converted using iTunes. Um...I think someone needs to call Apple on that and let them know that "WILL NOT" would be a far more appropriate term in that error message. Because at version 8, using a free music look-up database, it certainly CAN.Bulk renaming of files to better match their id3 tags, anyone? Oh sure you can troll the applescript sites and some hacked-together solutions that do a great job but this is version 8. They have sone useless feature called a GENIUS playlist ... but they can't give you basic music managing functions.Yeah, iTunes is STILL the worst thing to happen to music management EVAR.And yes, I tried Amarok 2 for OS X but it does not yet work... oh well.

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