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The Free Art Conundrum

Posted by notKlaatu , 12 August 2009 - * * * - - · 1,188 views
music, art, movies, independent and 1 more...
Some time ago, I realized that to be a good little anarchist, there were certain things in my life I'd have to start to do without.  After I got out of the proprietary OS trap, and stopped playing the whole "must have a job, must have good credit" financial scam, and stopped voting, and ditched some of those false ethics that capitalistic soci...


command line apps

Posted by notKlaatu , 15 July 2009 - * * - - - · 1,445 views
CLI, command line, geek, linux
artv61 ("evilAzimuth") asked me the other day in IRC if I had a link to a site that listed and explained some of the really essential command line applications -- one that might help a new Linux user learn the command line.  I thought that I did, but then realized that actually the source I was thinking of was the O'Reilly Linux Pocket Guide o...


slackware v13

Posted by notKlaatu , 07 July 2009 - * - - - - · 756 views

Slackware.com seems to be down atm.  With version 13 just around the corner -- with the big official switch to KDE 4 and the new official 64  bit version -- well, my imagination is running wild.  Will the site re-appear tonight with all the new iso's one could ever hope for?Nah, probably not.  I probably just need to re-set my router.  But anyway, I...


HowTo use a walkie

Posted by notKlaatu , 15 June 2009 - * * - - - · 710 views

Walkies, aka "Walkie Talkies" or "CB Radios" come in two varieties: the expensive kind that you rent, or the cheap kind that you buy.  They are different in these ways:The cheap ones (two for $50 or less) are a little noisy and have less range.The expensive ones (too expensive to buy but ok to rent) frequently have a cleaner signal an...


resolv.conf, Heal Thyself

Posted by notKlaatu , 07 June 2009 - * - - - - · 687 views

Further adventures in being a noob and trying to play on networks:So I've got Fedora 11 running in Qemu and I'm out at this cafe and I can't get online in Qemu.  My host OS can get online fine, just not the [Q]emulated OS.So I do the usual network troubleshooting...bash$ ping google.comHost unknown Well that means I'm not even getting...


Corporate Linux?

Posted by notKlaatu , 06 June 2009 - * * * - - · 703 views

Regarding the word "Linux":It seems that "Linux" is sometimes treated as a brand name and sometimes as a technical term.  ie, we hear Linux and we think "free, flexible, open, has feature foo and bar and this and that..." but sometimes what the company using teh Linux in their product meant was, it happens to use the Linux Kernel b...


Maemo UI

Posted by notKlaatu , 06 June 2009 - * - - - - · 393 views

I've had my Nokia N800 for 2 years, I think, and have been enormously pleased with it.  And of course with an opener like that, there's a big "but..." coming up.......but...There are certain things about the N800 that annoy me a bit.  I wouldn't complain about these things if Maemo was a purely community-driven; in that case, I'd j...



Posted by notKlaatu , 05 June 2009 - * * - - - · 374 views

Funny thing happened to me today.  I was demonstrating some software to some clients/students and of course some things went "wrong" and I was able to use these little mistakes as examples of, well, what can possibly go wrong when one is working on something.  At the end of the lesson, they were all probably a little overwhelmed but they were also...


Replace the Proprietary with the Free

Posted by notKlaatu , 04 June 2009 - * - - - - · 454 views

I've been doing some Mac related stuff again lately...less by choice than by economic force (ie, I need the money), so I've had to deal with those nasty proprietary apps again.This brings to mind, however, a post I once did that is either lost to time or just not easily found in the archive, concerning what free software was available for the Mac...


Four Reasons Not To Upgrade Your Screenwriting Software

Posted by notKlaatu , 04 June 2009 - * - - - - · 435 views

Hi, niche market of hackers who also work in the video and/or film industry!  This blog post is for you.  I got an email from a big trendy "writer's store" in L.A. containing three reasons why I should upgrade to <proprietary screenwriting software> v.8Well, I thought I'd one-up them and post four reasons not to upgrade:1. Celt...

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