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Have you forgotten? (Part 2)

Posted by Zapperlink , 05 September 2007 · 118 views

I guess it's that time to pick up where I left off with the Have you forgotten entry I made a few days ago. I found it vital to my clear minded opinion to take a step back and chose my words carefully rather than rant just for the sake of ranting. It's hard for me not to get frustrated with the shocking behavior that I witness now and have slowly been pinpricked with over the years.

I really am sick of the 'Divided we shall Stand' position this great nation has taken. I am tired of seeing a collective of intelligent people waste away at the politics of what should be done and what is done because it was 'best for business'. As I left off with the last entry I was vocal about how I felt about the mixture of the obsessed trigger of politically correct 'white glove' war that we play and the reality of what war involves. I am sick of seeing the obsession of this country playing favorites and swaying back and forth on their opinion as soon as some political icon throws around a few key words, or the media saturates the half truth or biased opinions. I don't really want to go too deep into what I personally feel about the war aspects other than, we chose people to wage wars, let them do their job. War isn't meant to be pretty, or friendly or a epic drama movie. War is bloody, nothing is innocent and the outright goal in all instincts is to kill them before they kill you. Thats as far as I will target right now against the political bull shit that infects our battle grounds.

Ultimately however my 'Soap box' post was more or less aimed at its great citizens. This country seems to have forgotten the power of unity that it use to possess. It seems to have become obsessed with the all mighty dollar than the heart of the pride that use to radiate from its citizens. It seems that instead of raising a fist to fight for whats right, it now seems the focus is 'What is popular opinion' and 'Where is the money in it?' which rapes its countrymen and countrywoman of that spine trickling passion step forward, no matter the consequences. Another memory will come, flags will be flown in its honor, but just as quickly as they come with tradition, they will leave, sadly their meaning fades with them.

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