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Have you forgotten? (Part 1)

Posted by Zapperlink , 02 September 2007 · 131 views

While I am not one to normally rant on political affairs that have been worn through time I had noticed something that really got under my skin yet again. As we approach the aniversary of the 9/11 tragedy and reflect on the wars we wage across seas, it seems to strike me even harder what America has truely forgotten.

As the eve of the tragedy closes in you normally can anticipate the flood of TV related shows circling the broadcast schedule, the chain letters start to flow more steady now. It almost seems that memories of tragic events trickle the very spines of its citizens and for that brief moment they become honorably patriotic. I even bet I will see a sale beaming on the end caps of stores selling the US flag for 1 to 5 dollars. It even goes as far as people who don't take out their flags 90% of the year, take out their rolled up flag and mount it to the outside of their home.

So why exactly does this irritate me? Well, that answer comes in a few different folds. The first irritation to me is the simple statement that many people ask. Why do you have to wait for an event to celebrate how honored you are to be an American? It seems only during these historic times and current events do we build up the balls to express how much we stand behind the greater collective called the United States of America. From where I sit it seems that this freedom to honor thy countrymen is pushed stale by the clouded mindset of politics and popularity. It seems today's Americans are more concerned with the support of a big event than the feeling that is resting behind it.

It is astonishing that the populous of this country would rather argue over a stars obsession with drugs, a athlete who sponsored animal abuse or who's sexual preference is more acceptable. It is only a rare occation where we hear about the state of large important concerns, like the fact that there are prostitution rings of children right here in our own country or other local impact stories that can't be painted with politics.

I am going to halt here to recollect my words instead of spewing my frustrations aimlessly to another blog post. Stay tuned for Part 2.

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