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A new year for new times?

Posted by Zapperlink , 30 December 2007 · 288 views

As the New Year comes closer and the year of 2007 comes to a end, I always enjoy a good reflection of what has come to pass and what may be of our future. While 2007 has been the year of turmoil, many great advancements have jumped forward, including the new Apple product lines, Microsoft FINALLY updating their software suites and operating system (for better or worse...). The science sector has taken a huge leap in what they can do as we continue to map DNA, and start to offer such services to the public sector, programmers are gearing more towards open source, and heck everyone could have predicted that hardware would make its leaps according to Moore's Law.

However it isn't the past that excites me as much as what the future holds. The united states passed new emission laws and a hopeful future for hybrid cars as the MPG will step up to 35mpg minimum, and safety ratings on cars and trucks continue to improve as a whole. The technology world looks to be heading in the direction of media everywhere and on demand, and I am sure that the upcoming CES conference will reflect this concept. Additionally I predict that our world will continue to work along to bring more unity, at least in the tech industry as open source standards continue to prevail and what appears to be Google working strongly towards a unified open system for web applications. Additionally I predict that the social 'webwhoring' will continue to grow, however I believe they too will grow towards a unity instead of the current trend of hosting the best website over the last.

America pushes itself into a new year of voting who the next president will be, and it has already proven itself much different than we had 20 - 30 years ago as we have a Woman and a African American running strongly. On that note those of you who follow the tech news, it appears that our methods of voting shall change a lot more as well in the future years as we try to work out the kinks in electronic voting, in hopes to one day automate and speed up the counting process. Along with this future year I await to see what will come of this War we face in the middle east, and how the new president will manage the sensitive topic.

With all that is hopeful in my mind for the new year, I still hope to stick to my upcoming new years resolution which is tagged with two simple words, "Simplify" and "Productive".

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