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Posted by Zapperlink , 29 August 2009 · 670 views

Well, chaos has been the largest variable in my life lately however I think order has come to a lot of it. What was once derailed is finding itself back on track and new lights in my curiosity have emerged. Not that many really give a shit but an overview of what's been up, lets just skip that. However what about moving forward? Lately I have been playing with forensic tactics tied to auto tagging of data. My curiosity has found me in a new "genre" nano-technology, robotics and AI. I still enjoy the good old computer networks and I can often be found dabbling in them, but I am sure you all have been to a point where you get bored and crave more!

As a side note I have been very silent in the community for several reasons, largest being a slow down in the community, no fault of its own, it happens and anyone been around long enough would know this. Secondly it would be that you find yourself absorbing more if you hold somewhat of a personal vow to just listen, holding back that quick response or input, in turn giving yourself more clear thought on a topic, mostly for your own benefit.

So let this be a candle that I have once re-lit... welcome back to my brokennode.

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