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a great compliment

Posted by StankDawg , 09 May 2010 · 218 views

I just wanted to share a great compliment that I got while in San Francisco. I was in the elevator in my hotel and an older couple got on with me and we just chit-chatted as the elevator about the weather and whatever other small talk came up. As usual, I was myself and just used the manners that I was bought up with. After some "Yes ma'am" and "Yes sir" as they got off at their floor, I held the door for them as they got off of the elevator and wished them a good evening. As the door was closing I overheard them say something that was the best compliment that I have heard in ages. They said "He must be from the South".

After spending the last few years of my life with a woman who made me feel ashamed of my heritage and try to tell me that Southerners are all racists and stupid and worthless in every way, I felt proud to know that people don't associate the South with those things at all. Only ignorant people still think those stereotypes are true. It occurred to me that many people still recognize southerners for their hospitality, manners, and honesty.

It made me feel good. I am Southern and proud and will stay that way until I die.

We should start up the jug band again.
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This problem of ignorance roots from the fact that most people aren't willing to envision/operate outside their own ideas and ways of thinking. Too bad for them. Cheers.
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We should start up the jug band again.

Ummm... StankDawg and decoder were in a jug band? :blink:
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Every country has this preconcieved notions about a certain accent or area of origin.
Its to help stupid sheep form a opinion without thinking.

I imagine you have played on it once or twice in the past to catch the lazy unawares too ;)
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Dude you need to cut out that "Yes sir, Yes ma'am" shit. You sound like a total tool doing that. I hate when I see people on T.V. doing that, say, during an interview. They sound like such servile white trash. I went through a short phase of that when I was in the military to civilians. Looking back I can't believe how much of a tool I sounded like.

There is nothing noble about that. Knowing San Franciscans they probably were making fun of you...like some wildebeest in the Serengeti..."lookie here...what do we have here...one of them Southerners. Ah, is it just a male or does he have his mate with him? I would enjoy watching the mating practices of these creatures. Did you notice the double chin? I hear they eat a lot of fried food in their natural habitat."

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wtf nice rasizm phail_saph XD, ur still going thru the "I AM NOT A ROBOT!!!!!" phase?
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southern hospitality is always good , being another man from the south I salute you for holding "good" southern values in your day to day life.
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