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I think I officially lost my man club card today

Posted by StankDawg , 07 January 2010 · 168 views

Yeah, so I guess I fail at being a normal red blooded American male. This chick that I was chatting up on one of those dating sites who lives like 5 minutes away from me pretty much offered a FWB relationship (I only recently learned that acronym myself so I provided a link to it for others who are as clueless as I am) and I said no.

I guess most people would consider that a perfect relationship. A good looking girl who wants sex with no strings attached and she is even conveniently located near where I live? What the hell is wrong with me? I wanted to. I thought about it, I will be honest. But I just am not looking for a "hook-up" at this point in my life. I am looking for "the one". I tried to convince myself that I can have both...I mean, who doesn't want to put a different game on "free play" while they wait to buy the game that they really want?

And if anyone got that last reference (you may think you did, but you probably didn't unless you are over the age of 30), then you really are a geek.

I hereby turn in my man card. :(

Oh Boy Stank, here we go again. Are you telling me now that your girl went nutz and left you that you don't beat off anymore? Since you didn't know what 'Friends with Benefits' means I'll assume that you don't know what beating off means. Beating off means jerking the chicken...don't get that one either...well what I'm trying to say is you are still masturbating right? And to save you the retort, since if you are pretending to be this noble and all I can imagine you saying this, that you aren't jerking off...I mean masturbating...then unfortunately you are admitting to having wet dreams. Choose your poison, either you are masturbating or having very, very, embarrasing went dreams at 60 or whatever age you are. So I say to you isn't it better to get the real thing then to undergo the same psycho-somatic effect of ejaculation under a hallucination? I use this same argument against every noble savage who is in a likewise predicament...hopefully a very bright light bulb has been lit up.

Now go get laid.

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maybe he doesnt want to burn out before the real show like phail saph doez.
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Uhh...waz...where did that come from? Do you even know what sex is? :ohmy: PM me I'll explain... :wink:
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Jan 07 2010 11:06 AM

Now go get laid.


This is what I think stank.
It looks like your views go agents what the stereotypical "man" view is and you are ashamed of it. Don't be! Isn't being a "man" all about living your way and not giving in to the stereotypes and expectations of others? Don't be ashamed that you did not want a FWB relationship because how I look at it is that you are strengthening yourself, and thus becoming more of a man, by holding on to what YOU believe.
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Getting laid isn't manly at all. Believe it or not once girls get out of high school, people don't make fun of them for WANTING sex. Therefore they can indulge without the "slut" label, what is so "manly" about taking something so readily available for ANYONE who has the social skills to introduce themselves at a bar? Personally I consider it more manly to follow your own trial. Live how you want to live despite social stigma attached to said lifestyle.

The only people who can't get laid are the ones who are so freaking self-conscious that they won't talk to any girl because A) your friends will make fun of you because she isn't a supermodel or B) she is a supermodel and therefore you wouldn't want to listen to her ramble on about airheaded things just for sex (or more likely you're scared of her haha)

I personally am married, but I've been in relationships previously where I couldn't keep the girl off me (I saved myself for my wife) and had to break up with her. The only thing manly about sleeping with as many girls as you can find is that you'll have a higher pain tolerance once you get gonorrhea from sleeping with that one you knew you should of used a condom with.

I forget who said this but here it is anyways "An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex."

now who will mark the pages of the future history books? The highschool man-whore that never even made it to college? Or the guy who raised a family and didn't have to divorce his wife because all his old booty calls kept calling, then later in life he used his experience and wisdom to better the world?

and fyi I'm not some muscled up idealist with a surfers body. I'm just an average guy who learned from a young age that sex != happiness because I have a family full of man-whores.
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@phail_saph: lol...this has nothing to do with jerkin' the gerkin...I don't think any man can deny doing that without lying their ass off so if you want to get that personal fine. Now you can have that wonderful image of me in your mind perv. :p I just don't want a physical-only relationship with a women. That is just sex. Making love is something totally different and that is what I want.

Do you want me to hook you up with the FWB chick since you obviously still have your man card? ;) She might be down! :o
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lolz...yes Stank my image of you has been altered. I no longer have the picture of you as a geriatric having to change out your Depends in the morning because of an unfortunate penile event during the night. Now I know you use toliet paper while wide awake. :>
(I see someone gets my humor.)

But seriously, no duh this isn't about masturbation. My point was that don't lock yourself into a black or white, zero-sum situation. You have physical needs as well as psychological and emotional ones. My point was that since you are performing sexual encounters with yourself imagining that you are with someone else, don't feel bad about giving up the delusion, and being with someone else for those reasons. It is healthier and more satisfing. That person you met is probably in the same predicament but she realizes that while she waits for the ONE she can also satisfy her other needs and perhaps come across a guy she does like, even though this FWB situation isn't about that. It isn't either-or...plus this is also modern feminism and most women have disassociated sex with love by now so this experience will also help you in your understanding of the feminines.

I'm just looking out for you since it isn't, in my opinion, healthy to give up sex...usually indicates a greater psychological problem. You're my BinaryBro and I'm just throwing out some perspective.

As to that chick...I'm more than willing to give her a good squirt to the face...unfortunately I'm in Cali at the moment...but I do know people in the Tampa area if that is close to where you guys are at. However, those guys have higher standards than I...I have a feeling this female might might be a little puggy, short, and not the most appealing...kinda like you with longer hair, not their type. Do you have a picture?
(That was a joke...no need to ban...lolz)
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Jan 09 2010 06:05 PM
There's no shame in looking for something beyond emotionless sex. Sex is better in an emotional relationship with somebody you trust and care about, anyway. That being said, there is also no shame in exploring your innate human needs. You shouldn't feel bad about either of your choices. In fact, you should embrace the fact that you have choices.
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Man, i keep trying to tell you... You need to have a bunch of meaningless sex with scores of sluts before you find "The One." Worked for me, but it admittedly took quite some time. But now, i barely even have sex with any other girls except her! =)
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